Fashion Caribe

We are an Italian brand with more than eighteen years in the denim industry, experience consolidated in America.
We born in Milano in 2005, under the name of Fashion Caribe, jeans push up is a revolutionary concept, proposed by the Venezuelan stylist Ana Sanchez who introduces his brand-brevet-Joined Jeans Push Up by A N A S A N C H E Z.


The secret of Ana Sanchez’s Jeans is in the "specific seam" deliberately studied by our team of experts whose main function is boost, enhance, model, design create a tone effect of the derriere or side B, In other words young beautifully the gluteus and the female shape.

Our jeans are made in stretch denim, our fabrics and bids as crystal, leather and metal are of high quality and selection.

• Our styles are slim, high medium and low waist.
• Our sizes range are from 38 - 48 s m l xl
• Lifting the gluteo between 50/70%
• They are boot cut (23 cm), skinny and flare.
• Our range of colours goes from indigo blue to white.
• Bottons and details are designed in inox iron with a delicate and careful galvanic.
• The fit in our jeans in warranty.